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Beef Liver Sprinkles 2.5 oz

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Beef Liver Treats 2.5 oz

Beef Liver Sprinkles are made from the same recipe as our beef liver dog treats but are ground down to a much finer texture so you can treat your dog to a little something extra if you're still feeding from a bag or a can. Like all of our products, Beef Liver Sprinkles are hand made in small batches in our Newport Beach kitchen several times a week. They're dense and crunchy and dogs love them to pieces! There are only three ingredients - beef liver, potato starch, aniseed. Our beef is USDA certified and contains no growth hormones, no BHA, no BHT, no preservatives, no artificial coloring... no artificial anything. All of our packaging is BPA free.,,,*Free shipping on all Treat, Do-It-Yourself and Supplement web orders over $49!