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Essential Trio

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  • High-Grade, Human-Quality Supplements Bundled Products:
  • Probiotic Live
  • Olive Leaf Detox
  • Joint Care For ingredients, please see individual product pages.


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Every dog should be taking a high quality probiotic, joint supplement and olive leaf extract every single day! Probiotics, the "Good" bacteria helps with digestion, flatulence, soft stool and constipation. Typical probiotics contain 2-4 strains of good bacteria and 1-3 billion colony forming units (CFU's). JustFoodForDogs Probiotic Live incorporates 7 strains and each dose contains over 5 billion CFU's. Our Joint Care supports strong, healthy bones and helps maintain healthy cartilage, connective tissue and joint mobility. JFFD Olive Leaf Extract is a great immune builder and one of the best products for canine health we have ever seen. It can aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis, dermatitis and ear infections. 

Our Essential Trio is a great way to give your dog all he/she needs and save $22.10 by buying all three in our Trio bundle.

Every ingredient in JFFD supplements are made for human consumption and are produced in a facility that makes only high grade, human quality supplements. The facilities are FDA registered and inspected with all products manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

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