Adopt a Rescue Dog

We believe ALL DOGS deserve access to fresh food. The Adoption Project feeds thousands of rescue dogs across the nation in an effort to provide the most vulnerable pups with the life-saving nutrition they need to thrive! Here are some furry faces searching for their new homes. 

Pug Nation Rescue of L.A.


3 years, 25 lbs, Male Pug Mix

Snowman was found as a stray before coming to the rescue. We can’t be certain what his life was like before, but it seems like it’s been a while since he’s felt kindness from humans. He’s timid with introductions, but if you’re calm and patient with him, he’ll warm up and become relaxed and comfortable around you in no time! He loves cuddling and receiving belly rubs from the people he’s deemed trustworthy. Snowman seems to prefer women to men and isn’t very warm to strangers. Snowy isn’t a fan of loud, sudden noises so he would do best in a calm home without small children. He is a very sweet and gentle boy once he’s able to collect his bearings. Snowy does well with other dogs and loves to play with his stuffed animals. We aren’t sure what Snowy’s mixed with, but there’s some suspicion he’s part Corgi due to his large chest and short legs. Whatever his mix is, he’s 100% perfect in our eyes and we hope you see it too! Please inquire today if you’re interested in Snowman!

Korean K9 Rescue


4 years, 34 lbs, Female Jindo/Spaniel Mix

Meet Lumi, our delightful 4-year-old Jindo/Spaniel mix weighing 34 lbs. Lumi is a gem in so many ways! She's a great walker, isn't fazed by loud noises, and has the most beautiful long eyelashes. Lumi's loves holding hands. She's an affectionate companion who enjoys being close to her humans, and her foster has been working with her to develop more independence alone. She's also a fan of bully sticks and has the cutest little stretchy dance when she pees. However, Lumi does need an adopter with a flexible schedule and a willingness to be her leader and work on her training for being alone. She will thrive and make a wonderful addition to your family with the right guidance and patience.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


12 years, 10 lbs, Female Chihuahua

Red Alert: Major cuddlebug in the making! We foresee her keeping a lucky someone’s lap and heart very warm! And while we’d all agree that the chihuahua is undoubtedly one of nature’s greatest creations, you’ll understand that the cute chihuahua mold was broken with Red when you see her larger-than-life ears and crooked smile. We’ve given you a warning – prepare to be defenseless against this ruby nugget’s irresistible charm! Red is a little lady who does best with a slow approach. Once you have her trust, you have the sweetest new friend who wants to be with you all of the time! Red is a big fan of scratches behind her ears, soft fluffy blankets & bed, and treats. Red enjoys going out and exploring. She absolutely loves her head scratches. She’s a smart girl who is great at her puzzles. Red would do great in a calm home with a loving and patient family. Extra bonus: she has a dog sibling or two!

K9 Kismet Dog Rescue

Granny Parker

12 years, 50 lbs, Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Meet Granny Parker. A distinguished gal in her senior years (approximately 12 years old), Granny P. is a low energy, quiet, well-mannered, four-legged companion. Granny P. loves food but knows her manners and waits for approval to dig in. She's super treat motivated and will try absolutely anything you feed her. She has the distinguished palette of a non-picky eater, but she knows the good stuff when she gets it. Granny P. is great with children; she lets them pet her and she provides sniffs in return and politely walks away when she's finished. She's also an excellent sleeper and will nap just about anywhere, although she prefers to sleep with her other pack mates and will move from a very comfy place to join them wherever they are. Granny P. enjoys short walks, on her terms. Her style of walking is less catwalk and more hippo trot. She's got the trademark waddle down!

Wags & Walks Rescue


10 years, 50 lbs, Female Pit Bull Terrier

Hello, best friends! My name is Flo and I am one of the happiest, most lovable dogs you’ll ever meet. I’m a 10 year old pit bull weighing in at about 50 pounds. Due to an old injury I had to get my eye removed, but it’s healing very nicely and doesn’t slow me down at all! In fact, the people at Wags say it makes me even more beautiful. I’m a goofy, friendly girl and am a total couch potato. My foster parents say I’m ‘one of the laziest dogs you’ll ever meet’. I love spending time with my humans no matter what we’re doing! I also enjoy playing with toys, basking in the sun and being swaddled with a blanket. I’m crate trained, potty trained and walk nicely on leash with a confident handler. I’m a super special girl and I know I’ll keep you smiling and laughing if you take me home forever. I’ll do best as the only dog in the home. I’m healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.

Thrive Animal Rescue


4 years, 42 lbs, Female Terrier Mix

Meet Magnolia. This sweet, scruffy girl has been a favorite at Thrive since her arrival. Magnolia has a heart murmur that will shorten her lifespan, so she is a Forever Foster - we will pay all of her medical expenses, and you provide her with a safe and loving home. Don't let her diagnosis fool you, though! She's still got spunk! You'd never know she has a heart condition. Although she's not looking to be your next hiking partner, Magnolia LOVES walks and is easygoing on a leash. So, if you're looking for a low-key dog to walk and hang around the house with, Magnolia is your girl. She needs to be the only dog in the home. Due to her heart condition, we are unable to put her through a spay surgery.

Unconditional Rescue


10 years, 50 lbs, Male Siberian Husky

Bear is the living teddy bear of your dreams. He’s quiet, gentle, independent, loves being with other dogs, and prefers the outdoors. Bear was found as a stray in Orange County and, despite having an old worn-out leather collar, no one came to claim him. We couldn’t wait to show him the life that he’s always deserved, by starting with a thorough pampering at the groomers, a fresh human-grade diet, and the love and warmth of a foster home. His “safe space” is still outside, so he likes having the option to wander around a yard, but he’s quickly becoming more and more trusting with people. He loves his daily walks and is his most playful self when he’s with other dogs. Bear would thrive in any home that can offer him the patience and unconditional love that he craves.