Health Supplements for Dogs

JustFoodForDogs veterinary dog supplements address the most common canine ailments. Designed by our board-certified veterinary toxicologist in collaboration with our chief medical officer, our dietary supplements for dogs are the perfect complement to all our whole-food nutrition products.

Whether you are looking for puppy supplements or supplements for older dogs, JustFoodForDogs has a healthy option for you and your pooch. Our dog supplements are formulated from 100% human-edible ingredients. The range includes:

  • Calm: naturally and safely soothes dogs that are under stress and helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable
  • Skin and Allergy Care: features olive leaf extract, considered nature’s antibiotic, helps support a healthy immune system, and may soothe skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies.
  • Probiotic Live: helps dogs maintain a healthy digestive tract, absorb critical nutrients and fight off potential pathogens
  • Omega Plus Fish Oil: sourced from pure Icelandic waters, it promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat, boosts the immune system and improves a pet's joint, heart and brain health
  • Joint Care and Joint Care Plus: our two joint care supplements are made from natural nutraceuticals and are proven to help treat joint issues in senior dogs and help younger dogs avoid complications later in life

All JustFoodForDogs veterinary dog supplements are made in a certified facility and manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Our proven nutritional dog supplements are a perfect complement to our daily food for dogs, as well as our popular line of healthy dog treats.