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Modern Topics in Nutrition: An Interview with the Experts

Fresh, whole-food recipes are the latest progression in veterinary nutrition; for many pet parents, and vets, processed dry food and cans are no longer the norm. To evaluate the true benefits of these types of recipes, we talked to two prominent Southern California veterinarians: Dr. John Tegzes VMD Dipl. ABVT, board certified in veterinary toxicology,


The Humanization of Pets – or the Discovery of our Own Humanity?

As I watched a documentary available on Netflix, Nature: Animal Odd Couples, I had a light bulb moment, and I feel compelled to share. In the pet industry, there is a term that never really sat well with me, it’s known as “Pet Humanization.” The industry believes that the reason some people choose premium products


Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners?

Studies report that when dog lovers are picking out a new dog, the future owner actually chooses dogs that resemble them. While no specific connection has been made on what level the dog and owner resemble each other, almost every study in regards to matching dog owners with their respective dogs is quite easy for

Halloween Tips for Dog Owners

Scary as it is (and as some of these facts are) Halloween can be frightful for dogs as well. Here are a few tips for the you to keep the canine members of your family safe for the holiday. Candy Candy (and their wrappers) can be especially harmful to dogs. If ingested, the wrappers can


Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop?

When dogs eat their poop, it’s called coprophagia; the thought of it sounds absolutely disgusting. Yet the consumption one’s own fecal material is not uncommon among animals, and in some cases (as with rabbits), is an important part of their metabolism and nutrition. But dogs aren’t’ rabbits (and humans think it’s gross) – so why do

Is Commercial Pet Food Safe?

Now that we share our lives with our dogs, it makes sense that we share our standards of food with them too. We cannot continue to feed them like farm animals because it may be unsafe to do so, and according to the latest FDA video announcement shown below, doing so brings in contamination, toxins, bacteria, illness,

Is Your Dog Bored?

We all wish we could live like our dogs: Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat (sounds “ruff”!). While they may seem to enjoy this daily routine, pups can experience boredom and restlessness, just like us! The Instinct to Work Historically, most dogs were bred to complete tasks alongside humans like herding livestock, hunting, search and rescue, guarding,

How to Prepare Your Pets for Spring

Spring weather is just around the corner! Along with better weather, longer days, and more outdoor activities, the upcoming months have a lot of changes in store for our furry friends. While you are spring cleaning this season, don’t forget to prepare your pups and kitties for the changes as well. Here are some things

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Why is My Dog Eating Grass? Your dog thinks he’s the lawn mower? Well, we have certainly heard that before! Why do dogs eat grass though exactly? We knew you would love to know! We just recently discovered it is all about: Seeking an additional source of food, and with grass being so accessible, your

Understanding Anxiety in Dogs

If you or a loved one has ever dealt with anxiety, then you know that it can be physically and emotionally exhausting to get through the day. The same is true for dogs. The many different causes of anxiety in dogs, if not addressed, can cause long-term fear throughout your pup’s life. Knowing which form

What is in Commercial Dog Food?

Sometimes when we speak to people about our cause, our mission, our business, a kitchen for healthy fed dogs, well, we’re not always understood. That is okay with us, our real goal here is to educate ourselves on what is in the food we’re eating, and what is in our dogs as well. We’re trying

Top 5 Health Benefits of Having a Pet

We all want our pets to live the best lives possible, but besides providing you with bedtime purr sessions and slobbery kisses have you ever stopped to think what your fur babies do for your health? Take a look at the ways Fido and Fluffy improve your overall well-being every day. If you’ve been looking

What Questions Should You Ask Your Vet?

There is no doubt about it: Our pets are our family, and we want them in our lives for as long as possible. To keep them in good health, we turn to our wonderfully skilled veterinarians to help us along the way, but we must also help them—by asking the right questions. Just like with our

Top 5 Holiday Hazards for Pets

The holiday season is a time for festive decorations, delicious treats, and quality time spent with loved ones, including our pets. However, amidst all the excitement and holiday cheer, it’s important to be mindful of the potential hazards that can pose a threat to our pets. From toxic foods to dangerous decorations, there are several


Introducing a New Dog to Your Home

Opening your home and heart to a new dog can be exciting, but there are many things to consider before adding a new member to your pack, especially when you already have a fur baby at home. Before taking the plunge, it’s essential to examine the pros and cons. This is a decision that will


What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

If you’ve ever felt like your dog is talking to you, you’re not alone. Turns out, dogs really do communicate with humans…in their own ways, of course. That’s right! According to a scientific study done by the University of Salford, dogs not only follow our commands but also use their own set of instructions to


Separation Anxiety in Pets

Separation anxiety may be already present in a newly acquired pet’s history (ie., a shelter pet or newly adopted pet), as in some cases it may be the exact reason they were abandoned. However, it can also arise as a secondary or acquired condition, for example, when a dog is suddenly separated from his pet

Top Health Concerns for Cats

Cats are wonderful companions. They are also very independent animals, which means they are masters at hiding their true feelings- including when they are under the weather. An essential part of being a pet parent is being aware of the signs of possible health concerns in your feline family members before they become bigger issues.

Natural Disaster Preparedness and Your Pets

While we do everything we can to protect our fur babies, nothing can prepare us for natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes and more. It’s always a good idea to prepare an evacuation plan for your family—and that includes your pets. According to the American Humane Association, approximately 10 million pets are lost each

The Importance of Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

How Dogs Can Overheat In The Summer In Southern California we are used to good weather year-round, nevertheless, we do get the occasional ‘heatwave’, as we did over the last two weeks, and it becomes very important to know how to keep our dogs cool since heatstroke can be deadly.  Around the country, dogs can

6 Long-Haired Dog Breeds

Long, luxurious hair doesn’t just look good on humans – dogs who sport gorgeous, flowing coats are completely fabulous, too! Luckily for pet parents with a penchant for long-haired furry friends, many dog breeds feature long hair, from dainty and darling Yorkshire Terriers to big and shaggy Old English Sheepdogs. And even among long-haired dogs,

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