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Let us help you determine exactly how much you need to feed your pet. Enter your pet’s information into our feeding calculator to get our veterinarian-recommendations for calories and recipes.


Unleash the Love with Homemade Dog Food

At JustFoodForDogs, our goal is to increase the length and quality of life for as many pets as possible. We want every dog and cat to have the life-changing advantages that come with eating food made only from ingredients approved for human consumption. That’s why we gladly share our healthy DIY dog food recipes with pet parents who want to make homemade dog food from vet-recommended recipes.

Our DIY dog food meal kits make it simple to share the love and provide healthy nutrition for that special dog in your life. Each kit makes approximately 30 pounds of homemade dog food and includes a:

  • Recipe for each of our daily meals
  • Shopping list
  • Feeding guideline geared to your dog’s ideal caloric intake
  • Specially formulated Nutrient Blend

Each of our propriety Do-It-Yourself Nutrient Blends is explicitly formulated for the homemade dog food recipe in the kit. Developed by our team of veterinarians, the Nutrient Blend is a compound of 100% human-edible ingredients and designed to balance each JustFoodForDogs recipe for long-term feeding.

There are six different healthy dog food recipes to choose from, and each is fully vetted, having been developed by a staff of specially trained veterinarians. Ours are the only homemade dog food recipes available that are proven healthy in feeding trials.

In addition to our Do-it-yourself dog food kits and our fresh dog food daily meals, we also offer healthy cat food meals, as well as whole-food vet support diets and personalized dog food that address specific canine and feline health issues.