A New Take on Healthy Cat Food

JustFoodForDogs has pioneered a new way to feed cats by asking a simple question: Is there a better way to feed our pets? The answer was clear. Feed them fresh whole-foods—the same foods we eat—and balance each recipe to meet the unique nutritional needs of cats.

While cats are a different species and true carnivores, they can also benefit from whole-food nutrition. We are now delivering the same health benefits of our whole-food diets to your feline family members with our healthy cat food!

Our fresh cat food recipes are made from human-edible ingredients such as Alaskan wild-caught cod, sardines from the clean waters of Norway, and succulent fresh chicken. Each daily meal of healthy food for cats is enhanced with our proprietary Nutrient Blend to balance the meal for long-term feeding. This blend is a compound of 100% human-edible ingredients.

As you’d expect, this fresh cat food is much healthier than highly processed, mass-manufactured cat food. We believe that fresh whole nutrition is the foundation for more life, more years, more love with your cat.

Lovingly made by hand in our open-to-the-public Kitchens, our homemade cat food is lightly cooked to retain its nutritional value. By minimally cooking fresh whole-food ingredients, we maximize both nutrition and taste.

In addition to our healthy cat food, we also make a delicious Salmon Bark treat for cats. Handmade several times a week in small batches in our Kitchens, our Salmon Bark is a treat that your feline will flip for. And so your cat’s canine companion doesn’t get jealous, JustFoodForDogs has a variety of dog treats as well.