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A Fresh Approach to Feeding Your Dog

By using industry-leading cooking and packaging processes, PantryFresh brings together fresh dog food, effortless convenience, and bowl-licking flavor. These no-fuss, out-of-the-box meals can be stored safely for up to two years, refrigeration is only required once opened. PantryFresh is a great way to kick the kibble and canned food and get your favorite pooch started on fresh, whole-food goodness.

PantryFresh measures up to JustFoodForDogs’ exacting standards for quality and nutrition. Like all our proven healthy whole food dog food, PantryFresh is made from the finest fresh ingredients, including the highest-quality meats and produce, the same ingredients that you can find in the grocery store and that restaurants offer. A complete meal, cooked fresh and ready to serve.

PantryFresh contains:

  • 100% human-edible ingredients
  • NO preservatives
  • Our own proven fresh dog food recipes

PantryFresh uses a unique methodology, cooking ingredients at low heat, under pressure, inside their packaging. This protects both the nutritional value and great taste of our fresh pack dog food.

PantryFresh now comes in four nutritious and delicious recipes: Chicken and White Rice, Beef and Russet Potato, Turkey and Whole Wheat Macaroni, and Lamb and Brown Rice. With a 2-year shelf life and four bowl-cleaning recipes, your favorite four-legged family member has lots of options to choose from.

Nutritionally balanced for long-term feeding, PantryFresh is an excellent way to feed your dog daily meals that are both healthy and easy. And with its transportable Tetra Pak® packaging, PantryFresh also makes life simpler when traveling or boarding your dog.