Transitioning your pet to whole foods

Switching dog food is a simple process. Whether Fido is entering a new life stage from puppy food to adult dog food, adult to senior dog food, or your dog’s nutritional needs change due to a health condition, it’s important to take the time to make a gradual transition. Introducing different foods to your dog’s digestive system requires a steady transition process. Skipping the transition period and changing dog food too abruptly can cause stomach upset.

The time required to transition your dog’s diet from commercial kibble to fresh, high-quality new dog food can vary depending on the age and sensitivity of your dog, but in general, it takes about 5-10 days. Once your dog has fully transitioned onto a whole-food diet from their old food, the need for transition is over and he or she is free to enjoy all our recipes. (Puppies should continue to eat our Chicken & Rice Recipe or Fish & Sweet Potato Recipe).

Easy-to-follow steps to walk you through their switch:


Days 1-3

25% justfoodfordogs new food

75% current kibble

Replace 25% of your dog's current food with JustFoodForDogs whole food.


Days 4-7

50% justfoodfordogs

50% current pet food

Replace 50% of your dog's current food with JustFoodForDogs whole food.


Days 8-10

75% justfoodfordogs

25% current food

Replace 75% of your dog's current food with JustFoodForDogs whole food.


Day 11

100% justfoodfordogs

Transition is complete.



Once your dog has acclimated to the diet change you will probably notice significant improvements. Pet parents have reported:

  • Abundant Energy

  • Brightness In The Eyes

  • Little to No Doggie Odor

  • Well-Formed Stool

Remember: if your dog has a sensitive stomach, take things slow with the new diet to avoid digestive upset. Don’t trash the old diet immediately. As long as you transition dog food following the plan above, your pup can enjoy any of our fresh pet food recipes moving forward!

Ask your veterinarian about our prescription diets for specific health problems.

Have questions about our food or need a custom formula for your dog’s dietary needs? Contact one of our Nutrition Consultants about our different diets. Our team can work with pet owners to create custom meals and supplements for dogs and cats with food allergies, digestive issues, and more to best serve your dog’s health.