Simplify with Autoship

With Autoship, we’ve made it easier than ever to ensure you always have your pet’s food—on your schedule. 

Here’s how it works

  1. When you're placing your order, simply select Autoship on the product page or during checkout. 

  2. Set your preferred frequency:
    • Every week
    • Every 2-weeks
    • Every 3-weeks
    • Every 4-weeks
    • Every 5-weeks
    • Every 6-weeks
    • Every 7-weeks
    • Every 8-weeks
    • Every 9-weeks
    • Every 10-weeks
    • Every 11-weeks
    • Every 12-weeks

  3. That's it! Just sit back and let Autoship do all the work for you and your pet.


Q: Is there a discount if I sign up for an autoship?

A: Yes! First-time autoship customers will receive 40% off of the first autoship order plus 5% off recurring autoship orders.

If you have had an autoship previously and you sign up for a new autoship, you are eligible for 5% off recurring orders (discount not applicable to the first order.)

All autoship frozen orders over $99 and autoship dry/non-frozen orders over $99 include free shipping.

Q: Is there any obligation to enroll in autoship?

A: None at all! With Autoship, you can make changes before your order is processed. Autoship orders are processed every Friday for the upcoming week.

Q: How far in advance can I skip a delivery?

A: Updates to autoship orders must be made no later than Thursday, 11:00 am Pacific the week your order is scheduled to process. To find your next autoship order date, log in to your account. From your account dashboard, click the "Autoship" link under "Order Management."

Click the "Manage this autoship" button to view your autoship order dashboard. To skip an order:

  • Click the "Skip Shipment" button.
  • You may skip up to two future orders using the "View Upcoming Orders" button.
  • To ship an order early or delay it to a future date, click the "Edit" link on the "Next shipment" section, and choose a new date using the calendar. If a date you want is not available, that means we have already processed orders for that week and only a future date may be selected.


If you have an order in processing status, you will not be able to adjust or skip orders until processing is complete.


Q: I just signed up for my first autoship order, when can I expect it?

A: Your first autoship order will ship within 3 to 5 days from the time you place your order. For additional shipping details, vising our Shipping FAQ page.

Q. When will I receive my recurring autoship orders?

A: Subsequent autoship orders will be processed based on your desired order frequency. Autoship orders are processed the Friday prior to the next shipment "Week of" date displayed on your Autoship Management Dashboard.

Q: What does "Week of" mean when viewing shipment dates on my autoship?

A: The "Week of" dates are to let you know that your order will ship and be delivered the week of the date provided. Autoships are processed the Friday prior to the next shipment "Week of" date.

Q: How do I add or remove items or change the frequency of a recurring order?

A: Select Manage my Autoship and make the desired edits to your order. Once you’re satisfied with your change, click Save this Autoship.

Q: Can I have my Autoship delivered during the weekend? 

A: At this time, frozen orders are shipped Sunday-Thursday. Dry goods orders are shipped Sunday-Friday. we do this to ensure frozen orders arrive on time, and are not delayed over the weekend by our shipping carriers. Frozen goods and dry goods are shipped separately. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: Can I pick up my autoship order in a JustFoodForDogs Kitchen or Pantry?

A: We do not currently offer autoship options for in-store pickup. You may schedule a recurring order directly with one of our Kitchen or Pantry locations. Click here to find a retail location near you. (Petco and Pet Food Express excluded.)

Q: How do I cancel my autoship order?

From your account dashboard, click the "Autoship" link under "Order Management."

A: Click the "Manage this autoship" button to view your autoship order dashboard. Click the "Cancel this Autoship" button at the bottom of the page.


If you need additional support, please contact us via our website, or call our trained Nutrition Consultants at (866) 726-9509.