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Fresh Food to the Rescues

Supporting rescues has always been a very important part of our mission at JustFoodForDogs. That is why we have created a department solely dedicated to strengthening those efforts and driving our mission forward – The Adoption Project.

All pets deserve access to the best nutrition, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, and the Adoption Project intends to meet them exactly where they are. By providing balanced fresh whole food diets that will be the foundation for the long, healthy, and happy life that they deserve.

Visit our Adopt a Dog page to see adorable rescues still waiting for their forever home.

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Providing a healthy nutritional foundation to rescue dogs nation-wide.

Our Impact

"We really appreciate Just Food For Dogs beyond what any other company has done for us. You guys have done the most. That has made an impact on everything we are doing. It affects how we operate, how we move, how many dogs we adopt, the happiness of our adopters, and the happiness of our dogs."

Gina Boehler | Executive Director, Korean K9 Rescue

We’ve been able to dramatically improve the overall health of the dogs in our care... The fact that the food is donated allows us to make our donations stretch even further. More funds in the bank means more dogs are rescued each year. Two additional bonuses: Orders are automatically scheduled, which frees us up to focus on other aspects of running a rescue, and JFFD provides dietary counseling along with two weeks of food to our adopters, which helps them see first-hand the benefits of a quality diet. We feel very fortunate to be included in this partnership.

Nici Daniels | K9 Kismet Dog Rescue

"A lot of dogs come in with anemia or bad liver values and kidney issues, and we see a lot of positive bloodwork come back after they start eating JustFoodForDogs. We do regular follow up bloodwork after three weeks or a month and we see positive changes in those dogs. For these old guys, and I am talking just ages seven and up, I feel like it’s given them the opportunity to get well." 

Sherri Franklin | Founder, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

People will see the dog come in on social media, and then come see the dog in person and not believe the improvement. The diet is one of the biggest parts of that... JustFoodForDogs is like a godsend for us. These dogs just transform.

Gwenn Vallone | Rescue Director, Pug Nation

Not having to worry about an expense that is very large, especially for a group like us, that saves up to 150 dogs at a time, means we can really focus on the issue at hand: saving the dogs. It has been, all around, a wonderful partnership. 

Lesley Brog | Founder, Wags & Walks

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The Adoption Project Blog

Read success stories, interviews, rescue partner spotlights, and more on how thousands of rescue dogs are getting their second chance at More Life, More Years, & More Love.

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For more information about partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events email us at: theadoptionproject@justfoodfordogs.com

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