Dog Nutrition 101

We've created this section of our website to share with you all that we have learned about canine nutrition, dog health and dog diets and in doing so hope to help both you and your dogs.

If you too are interested in learning more about dog health and happiness, please spend some time going through this section of our website... we think you'll be surprised by what you learn.

Raw vs. Cooked

In the past few years the popularity of the “BARF” (raw) diet has become very popular and is currently in vogue.

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Diet Transition

Transitioning your dog from commercial dog food to fresh, high quality JustFoodForDogs is simple, painless and fast when done properly.

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Ingredients Comparison

How do other dog food brands compare on the items that really count when it comes to the health of your dog?

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Nutrition Center

It's helpful to understand some fundamentals of canine nutrition. Here's where we'll help you learn the basics.

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Life Stages

Just like all animals, dogs experience various life stages and their nutritional needs may change depending on these stages.

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Allergies & Toxic Foods

Just as people have intolerances to foods, so can dogs.

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