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It all starts with nutrition.

A whole food diet is never more important for your pet than when his health is challenged. At JustFoodForDogs we not only offer completely balanced daily meals for healthy pets, we also specialize in the formulation of custom feeding plans using whole foods and supplement blends. We can formulate a very specific diet to address a wide variety of canine and feline health issues. If your pet can benefit from a customized feeding plan based on specific dietary needs, we can help. There is a one time fee of $250 to cover the cost of formulating the necessary nutrient blend and customizing a meal plan for your pet after which we can provide a specific quote for food prepared by the week or month.

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Every pet is different.

We have experience with, and success in, creating feeding plans to address canine and feline health issues such as obesity, digestive disorders, pancreatitis, diabetes, and liver disease and kidney disease, etc. Typically we require only a blood panel from your vet and the answer to several questions in order to begin.

All of the ingredients used in the food we prepare for your pet are USDA approved for human consumption. In order to control the nutrient quality, we use only supplements made in an FDA and CGMP compliant facility that produces supplements exclusively for human consumption.

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If you are unsure whether or not your pet could benefit for a Custom Diet or if perhaps one of our Support Diets will be best, please click on the “Get a Free Consult Now” button below and fill out all the required information. We will then review the information you entered and get back to you with a suggestion. If a custom formulation is required, then you will be contacted to collect the $250 formulation fee. If it is determined a veterinary support diet may work for you, your veterinarian will be given all the information they need to write a prescription. Either way, it is completely free to fill out the questionnaire and tell us about your case - please do so in as much detail as possible. Custom Diets are not available in the state of New York.