At JustFoodForDogs, we not only offer completely balanced daily meals for healthy pets, we also specialize in the formulation of custom feeding plans using whole foods and supplement blends. If after reviewing our Daily Diets and our Vet Support Rx Diets you feel that your pet could benefit from a custom diet, we can formulate a very specific diet to address a wide variety of canine and feline health issues.

First, fill out a custom questionnaire, which can be found below. Once we receive your questionnaire, we will reply to you within 72 business hours. If we feel there is a Daily Diet or a Vet Support Rx Diet that may address your pet’s medical needs, we will send you the information about the recommended diet so you can share it with your veterinarian. If we feel your pet would benefit from a custom diet, we will send you and your veterinarian the information on how to proceed. This part of the consultation is free. If you decide to proceed with a custom diet, then the custom diet process is as follows:

1. One-time formulation fee

A one-time $250 formulation fee must be received to begin the custom diet process. This fee is for our nutrition team to obtain medical records and for our formulators (all veterinarians) to review your pet’s medical records and files, consult with you and your primary care veterinarian, and ultimately create the diet. Please be advised that once our formulators have discussed the case and diet with you, you will not be able to receive a refund.

2. Send medical records

Before our formulators can design a diet, we must receive the pet’s most recent year’s worth of medical records and lab work.

3. Diet formulation

Once we have both the formulation fee and the medical records, your case will be assigned to a formulator. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for a formulator to design a diet.  Our formulators will involve you and your veterinarians (if they desire) in the process.

4. Diet complete

Once the diet formulation is complete, you have two options to purchase the diet: Prepared or DIY. Prepared diets are made in our custom kitchens, where each custom diet is made one at a time and custom-packaged into daily amounts specific to each pet. The typical cost of prepared food is anywhere from $280-$700 per month depending on ingredients and amount your pet will need to eat. However, larger dogs may run considerably higher than this price range. You also have the option to purchase prepared food in weekly increments.

If you would like to make the diet at home yourself (DIY), there is a compounding fee of $110 per month for us to prepare and send your custom nutrient blend. Custom nutrient blends are prepared to specifically pair with your pet’s diet to ensure it is complete and balanced, and as such, each vitamin and mineral is individually weighed out. You have the option to purchase custom nutrient blends in monthly increments.

5. Receiving the diet

Our custom diets and custom nutrient blends are only able to be shipped through FedEx to your residence (no PO boxes) or picked up at our Irvine Headquarters. We do not ship to or offer pick-up at any other location. Prepared diets are shipped frozen, and custom nutrient blends are in powder form that is broken into weekly increments and placed in small plastic containers. Please note that once you receive your custom diet, we cannot offer a refund, as custom diets are made specifically for an individual pet.

If you feel that the custom diet process would benefit your pet, please click the Begin Questionnaire button below to get started!