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Picture of Beef Flank Steak Treat

Beef Flank Steak Treat

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  • USDA Certified and Approved Flank Steak
  • Handmade in Our Southern California Kitchen
  • Baked/dehydrated in our own ovens
  • Absolutely no chemicals or preservatives - NOT JERKY!


Our Beef Flank Steak dog treats are quite simply dehydrated USDA Certified beef flank steak. We slice the steak by hand and ranges in texture from semi-crispy (like a thick potato chip) to thick and chewy and dogs absolutely love these treats! We cook them several times a week in our Southern California kitchens.

And don't call our dehydrated snacks "JERKY"! "Jerky" is a chemical process which can be dangerous to dogs. Our treats are baked, and dehydrated with absolutely no chemicals added - once opened, the only preservative is the refrigerator. 

• No growth hormones
• No BHA
• No BHT
• No preservatives
• No artificial coloring
• No artificial anything
• All of our packaging is BPA free

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Beef Flank Ingredient

 • USDA Certified and Approved Flank Steak