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A True Irish Lassie

A list of some of Irish dog breeds and their characteristics.

Is your pup Irish?

If they are, you’ll probably recognize it easily through their bright, vibrant, curious, and enthusiastic personality. From the Emerald Isle comes a list of beautiful treasures, and their pups are certainly high on that list.

Be savvy this St. Patrick’s Day and know a few things about the most Irish dogs around.

Irish Setter

A perfect build, and described as one of the most beautifully balanced and most elegant dogs ever. Known for their deep enthusiasm and very high sensibility, they are known for their superb hunting skills.

Irish Terrier

Did you know that Irish Terriers were used to transport messages between troops on the front lines in World War I? Neat right? Not too surprising if you are this man’s best friend, because you know he is of the most loyal breed.

Irish Water Spaniel

One of 9 breeds recognized dating back to 1600, making this pup one of the oldest spaniels, although their origin still remains unknown. It seems as if they evolved from dogs in Persia, and made their way to Ireland via Spain. Their long, crisp, curly cue fur is one feature that you will never miss, or want to and they are easily identified by their rat tail!

Irish Wolfhound

Dating back to Roman 391 A.D. and described as giant, noble, stable, strong, and sturdy, this dog is full of pride. They even have the intelligence to separate family, friend, or poe with
their very skillful intelligence.

Irish Red & White Setter

The newest of the AKC breed, and as mysterious and mythical as the early days of Ireland. Undoubtedly unique with its spotted texture, this pup is raved for their dedication to their loving family.

Irish Glen of Imaal

Ready for a chase? Meet your match. The quietest pup of all the spaniels is one fast cookie, with length outshining their height and is adventurous and courageous. Discovered during reign of Elizabeth I, they were highly recognized as silent hunting dogs. They appreciate strong leadership and require heavy discipline, and in return, they are impeccably behaved.

Kerry Blue Terrier

From Kerry Blue, Ireland the breed is well known for hunting and often used to work with the English police. One of their best features, they are a great dog for kids.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Most happy when he is exercising, he is a dog that belongs with a large family to grant him the attention he deserves. Don’t be surprised when this pup jumps into your arms or goes straight to your face to kiss you as a greeting!

Is your pup Irish? Do they fit the criteria above?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from JustFoodForDogs!