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4 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog Inside & Outside

Get the most out of playtime with your pup with fun and stimulating exercise routines that your doggy can do anywhere! Read more to learn how to exercise your dog.

Keeping your dog healthy and active requires regular exercise and physical activity. Get the most out of playtime with your pup with fun and stimulating exercise routines that your doggy can do anywhere.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need?

Healthy dogs without physical or medical issues should get around 30 minutes of exercise per day. Exercising your dog daily helps keep them active, stimulated, and most of all having fun!

Your dog’s exercise needs may vary depending on their age and breed, but almost all dogs need at least some physical activity every day. While an active dog may need more than the average 30 minutes of exercise, senior dogs may need nothing more than a chance to roam around in the yard for a few minutes.

Dog Breeds That Need More Exercise

Different dog breeds have different energy levels and exercise needs. Some breeds need a lot more physical activity than others, and dog owners should be prepared to make sure they can give these types of dogs enough opportunities to be active.

Breeds that tend to need more exercise than most dogs to stay fit and healthy include border collies, terriers, and even bulldogs.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise For Dogs

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Adding exercise to their daily routine is one of the best things you can do to maintain your dog’s health and wellness. The benefits of being active on a daily basis are undeniable, and well worth getting your pup up and out.

Keeps Your Dog Fit

Every dog’s got to eat! But balancing your dog’s activity with the amount of dog food (and treats) they eat will help prevent obesity and other health problems associated with being overweight. Daily exercise keeps your dog moving and

Prevents Behavior Problems

Behavior problems in dogs can sometimes be the result of boredom or a lack of stimulation. Dogs who don’t know what to do with their extra energy can easily get themselves into trouble, so giving them regular exercise helps keep them stimulated both physically and mentally.

Promotes Joint Health

Giving your dog regular exercise opportunities helps keep them limber. Staying active can help prevent joint problems that occur when dogs don’t get enough exercise. Certain dog breeds are more prone to joint problems than others, so be sure to ask your vet about the right activity level for your pup.

4 Best Ways To Exercise Your Dog Outdoors

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1. A Doggy Obstacle Course or Agility Course

An obstacle course or agility course is a super fun form of exercise that’s sure to stimulate your dog’s body and brain. Sometimes found at dog parks or other dog-centered facilities, an obstacle course is gives your dog the chance to problem solve while being active and putting their endurance to the test.

You can sign your dog up for agility classes which are great for super active dogs who need both exercise and socialization to expel their energy. There are other group exercise activities for dogs too, like doga (dog yoga), dog gyms, or playgroups.

2. A Good Old Game of Fetch

Every dog loves to fetch, and nothing beats a classic, rousing round of fetch in the dog park with your furry best friend. Bring the ball, frisbee, or their favorite dog toy and give them a few dozen good tosses with it. This way they get a chance to exercise, play, run, and retrieve while dog owners get a chance to exercise their throwing arm.

3. Hikes or Long Walks

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Never underestimate the power of a nice long dog walk. For dogs, going on a walk is way more than just walking! For them, it’s a chance to exercise while they get outside but also to engage with all kinds of smells, sights, and sounds they wouldn’t get to experience with indoor activities. Need more motivation? Join our Strava club!

Walking is great cardio for humans and dogs alike and a great exercise for older dogs or dogs who might be recovering from injuries or surgeries. It’s low-impact enough that it won’t disrupt their healing or put senior dogs out of commission, but still gives your pooch a chance to be active.

4. Take Them For A Swim

When the weather is warm, what better way to cool off and get some exercise than taking your dog for a swim? You can have them swim alongside you if you need to cool off too, or grab a nearby stick for some impromptu fetch and get them to really swim for it.

4 Indoor Exercises Dogs Can Do At Home

When the weather gets cold and dreary and neither you nor your dog are eager to get outside, there are still some indoor games you can play to give your dog mental stimulation that keeps them engaged and exercises their brain.

1. Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Teaching your dog new tricks isn’t just a fun way to keep them busy at home. Dog training is also a great bonding opportunity for you and your pup and helps you continue to build trust with them, and vice versa. High fives, handshakes, or walking between your legs are great tricks to practice with dogs of any age.

2. Have A Game of Tug of War

If your pet is giving you the signal that they’re going a little stir-crazy, tug of war is a fun game you can play indoors that doesn’t take up a lot of space and will still get some of that doggy energy out.

3. Give Your Dog Puzzle Toys To Solve

Interactive toys like puzzles have become incredibly popular as a way to keep dogs active and engaged. They give your dog a task to complete and keep them occupied until it’s done. Puzzle toys and other problem-solving games can help reduce boredom and anxiety as well as help to expel some of that doggy energy.

4. Play Hide and Seek

A rambunctious round of hide and seek might be better suited for outside, but on those cold and rainy days, you can certainly adapt this game to be an indoor activity. Playing hide and seek requires your dog to use their brain and nose to find you while getting some steps in as they search.