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JustFoodForDogs Recommends the Best Insurance for Pets

Trupanion gives you the freedom to choose the best quality care available for your most beloved family member.

It’s a very exciting time for the health of our four-legged family members. JustFoodForDogs offers them a level of nutrition that is the same (or better) quality than our own, and veterinary medicine has evolved to include the same options as found in human health care. There are many types of insurance plans and companies available, but with all these choices …

Which insurance company should we choose?

JustFoodForDogs looks for the highest quality in anything we research, and in doing so, we have recently gotten to know Trupanion (www.trupanion.com), a company that offers medical insurance for cats and dogs.

Their policy, service and support provide coverage not just for today, or this year, but for the life of your pet. This refreshing and unique insurance approach mirrors our belief that anything you do for your pet should be good for him today and for many years’ time. We believe Trupanion to be the best in class provider and we are proud to partner together moving forwards towards achieving each of our missions: “To help make pets live longer, healthier lives” and “To help the pets we all love receive the best veterinary care”.

Trupanion is guided by the goal to help pets receive the best veterinary care possible. Their “built-by-veterinarians” policy means that they come highly recommended by the veterinary profession for covering the things for which you need coverage. They maintain their pet-centric focus with a game-changing ability to pay the vet directly which means that you, as a loving pet owner, are never out of pocket and can focus on getting your pet back to good health. They also boast exceptional retention rates of close to 99% and have an award-winning customer service team with high customer satisfaction scores of over 94%.

So what do they cover?

They have one simple plan you can create your own price with and have no caps, limits, or penalties for filing claims. They cover the things most likely to happen to your pet (also known as congenital and hereditary conditions), and they don’t raise your rates just because you pet has a birthday. They pride themselves on simplicity – so yes, it really is that simple.

Will they cover JFFD prescription diets?

Yes! We believe your pets will be healthier and live longer because you feed JustFoodForDogs. Trupanion believes in JFFD’s mission and our veterinarian backed line of prescription diets. Thus, if you ever need one of our prescription diets, Trupanion will cover 50% of the cost of a JFFD prescribed recipe for up to 60 days.

Does Trupanion provide cover for JFFD supplements?

Yes! Trupanion covers supplements prescribed by a veterinarian. Thus if your vet prescribes a supplement from our veterinary line, it is covered as long as your pet needs it! This could include: Calm, Probiotic Live, Joint Care, Omega Plus, and Olive Leaf Detox.

Does JFFD recommend pet parents get medical insurance for their cat or dog?
Yes! If you feed JustFoodForDogs and keep all of your recommended routine veterinary visits, you are already doing everything you possibly can do to prevent disease and illness. However, we believe you need to be covered for unforeseen illnesses or hidden hereditary conditions. You want peace at all ages, thus comprehensive coverage is recommended. Vet care has evolved to become very close to the level of care available for humans, usually at a fraction of the cost. Some people resent the cost of veterinary bills, however it is important to remember that the real value in a high-quality treatment plan is in the options that are available to you today. Trupanion makes options affordable to everyone, thus giving you the freedom to choose the best quality care available for your most beloved family member.