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Science Based Dog Food

Pet parents can trust that science-based dog food is backed by significant clinical research and evidence to support that nutrition is the foundation of your pet's overall health.

As the pioneers of the fresh dog food category, JustFoodForDogs is deeply invested in the future of canine nutrition. We say “science-based dog food” because our decades of research and evidence speak for themselves. As dog owners, we have done extensive clinical research on our food to ensure it meets our own dog’s nutritional needs without compromising on quality.

Our meals are the subject of various ongoing research initiatives looking at the impact of whole food on health and wellness and chronic disease in pets. Unlike many dog food brands, we prioritize scientifically sound nutrition over extensive marketing hype.

Fresh Food, Fresh Perspective

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Unlike dry dog food, fresh meals are made with human-grade, high-quality ingredients you can recognize, like chicken, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. All omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins, and more are mindfully selected for optimal nutrition. Plus, everything in our ingredient list is pronounceable, and a high-quality protein source is always the first ingredient.

These fresh, whole foods are gently cooked to preserve nutrients and then frozen to lock in freshness. This approach stands in contrast to many commercially processed kibbles, which often use rendered meat meals (like chicken meal), grains, by-products not fit for human consumption, and cheap fillers.

You won’t find preservatives or chewy, loaf-like emulsifiers like carrageenan, which dilutes nutritional value, in our food, either. True fresh pet food never uses highly processed “meat slurry” found in canned dog food and those wet dog food meat tubes you see from brands like Freshpet.

All our research and the associated claims are published in highly respected journals, co-authored by leading academic veterinarians in their field, and peer-reviewed. Studies have shown:

Humane Feeding Trials

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We’re not just about using fresh ingredients; we are committed to scientifically proving the benefits of feeding fresh. We’ve conducted humane feeding trials in partnership with universities, showcasing the positive impact our recipes have on dogs’ health.

Determined to prove the health benefits of our veterinary-formulated recipes without harming dogs, we refused to conduct feeding trials using caged laboratory animals. As a result, we worked with two major universities to create more robust, yet more humane feeding trials. It remains the largest-scale humane feeding trial ever conducted by a pet food company at an independent university.

We did not adhere to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) bare minimum for testing, which requires testing only four blood parameters over six months in just six dogs. Instead, we tested the recipes for an entire year, looking at complete blood counts (CBC) and full internal organ chemistry (CHEM) panels in a total of 30 adult dogs. The data led to a research poster and an abstract published in the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition.

What Pet Parents Say About Switching to Fresh

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Countless pet owners rave about the positive changes they’ve seen in their dogs. They notice everything from increased energy and improved digestion to shinier coats and happier dispositions. Here’s what some of them have to say about switching their dog’s diet to fresh:

Picky eaters love the palatability: “My older boxer no longer eats kibble. Now, he begs for this food every day.” – Brad H.

Helping overweight and underweight dogs: “My husband was talked into trying this food for our two dogs in a pet store about seven months ago and I am SO HAPPY he did it. Our 9-year-old dog was recovering from two ACL surgeries back to back and was overweight before those. He is now hopping around like a puppy, running everywhere, so happy and obviously feeling amazing. Our other dog was a rescue and was very underweight when we got her with thin hair (Husky mix). After starting this food, her coat is so thick and she is now holding a healthy weight. Both of our dogs are looking better every month. We will never give any of our future dogs processed food again. It is totally worth the price and loss of freezer storage!!!!” – Kristin Z.

JFFD helped this customer’s dog fight obesity: “My 7-year-old dog loves this food. He has more energy his hair looks great and he is shedding pounds! We transitioned him from Canidae dry dog food which was good but not good enough for his health.” – Charlotte

Veterinary Opinion on Just Food For Dogs

JFFD Founder Shawn Buckley comments on the reaction veterinarians, board-certified veterinary nutritionists, and the like have to the food made at JustFoodForDogs.

“The biggest surprise that we experienced early on was the openness of the vet community to come out, talk to us, see what we were doing. They looked at us nutritionally — sometimes in a concerned way and sometimes with open arms.

Either way, that makes a lot of sense to us. And either way that helps us and it helps the dog. We ask vets to come and take a look, let us explain what we’re doing, talk to our vet, and know that we have our own staff of vets who are specialists in canine nutrition.

We want them to take a look at the seriousness with which we approach our business. Then, you know, if they believe in it, that’s great, and if they don’t, that’s okay too. But at least they give it a try and they give it a chance. And they listen to what we have to say.

What we’re finding — of course isn’t the biased opinion — but what we’re finding is that the vets that are sort of interested in ongoing changes and education and looking forward and the ones that are progressive are the ones that tend to take a real look at us. These vets, I think benefit from that because they end up trying Just Food For Dogs and they end up getting excellent results in almost all cases.”

Pet Nutrition by Experts

Ready to try the best dog food and puppy food (and cat food!) for your four-legged family member? Our Nutrition Consultants are happy to go over options suitable for a variety of life stages. This includes: large breed dogs, small breeds, senior dogs, dogs with sensitive stomachs, and dogs with certain medical conditions who have specific dietary needs. Pet parents can also explore grain-free diets, gluten-free meals, veterinary-prescribed formulas, and custom diets.