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Fish & Chicken Recipe

44 Reviews
  • Lightly cooked, frozen fresh
  • Grain Free and Gluten Free
  • Adult Feline Recipe
  • 35 Calories per ounce
  • Ideal for all adult cats
  • Meat and organs, high protein recipe
  • Hydrating Recipe
  • Ideal for allergies or sensitive GI tracts


It is our goal to get all cats off kibble, as it is known to make them chronically dehydrated. Our recipe is a carnivorous, meat and organ diet fortified with yuca root which absorbs and retains moisture, to finally give all healthy adult cats the hydration they need.

Fresh whole-food ingredients make up the entirety of our Fish & Chicken recipe. Simple, healthy, uncomplicated and completely balanced, all of our healthy food is made by hand in small batches in our Southern California kitchens.

Recommended for all cats, or those that do not like to drink water, those with suspected allergies to grain/gluten, and especially active cats.

• Ingredients certified by USDA.
• No preservatives of any kind.
• No growth hormones.
• No BHA.
• No BHT.
• No LFBT. (you know this as "pink slime")
• No artificial coloring.
• No artificial anything.
• All packaging BPA free.

Fish and Chicken Ingredient

Alaskan Pacific Wild Caught Cod

Alaskan Pacific wild caught cod is an excellent source of low calorie protein and a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, niacin, vitamin B-12 & B-6, potassium, phosphorus and selenium. A healthy diet that contains easily digestible EFA’s, like those in fish, help contribute to a healthy, shiny coat. 

USDA Certified Chicken Thigh

USDA inspected and approved chicken thigh meat is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-6, panthothenic acid, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and niacin. It is sometimes overlooked that chicken thigh meat delivers more vitamin B, iron, antioxidants and overall nutritional value than its white meat counterparts. Thigh meat in particular is high in taurine, an essential nutrient only found in meat. For this reason, you will not see taurine listed as an added ingredient on our label. It's in the meat!

USDA Certified Chicken Hearts

USDA inspected and approved chicken hearts have a higher amount of protein, thiamine, folate, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, CoQ10 and several B vitamins than regular chicken meat. Since cats are true carnivores, they rely on organ meats to aid the production of collagen and elastin, to help build muscle, store energy and maintain health.

USDA Certified Chicken Liver

USDA inspected and approved chicken liver is a highly nutrient dense food. Ounce for ounce it contains the most concentrated volume of protein and vitamin A. As true carnivores, cats are not able to convert beta carotene into Vitamin A, they rely on the consumption of the livers and organs of other animals to obtain it. It is also rich in heme-iron, the most absorbable form of iron. Liver is also high in copper, folate, riboflavin and niacin. 

Whole Atlantic Sardines

Whole sardines are sourced direct from the world’s cleanest, purest, and greenest waters in the Atlantic. Sardines are high in Omega 3 fatty acids which contain highly biologically available forms of EPA and DHA. Sardines are also a very rich source of vitamin D. 

Dried Yuca Root
Dried yuca root is a hypoallergenic, gluten-free, grain-free ingredient that absorbs over four times its weight in water. It is used in small quantities to help maintain hydration in the recipe, since cats are notoriously bad at maintaining their own hydration. Dried yuca root is very easily digestible and also helps give the diet it's consistency. 

Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend

JFFD Nutrient Blend is formulated specifically for each recipe to meet NRC RA recommendations. The blend is compounded from 100% human grade nutraceuticals regulated by the FDA.

For best results, it is recommended that pet owners weigh the food in ounces using a digital scale. If they do not have a scale, they may estimate volume in cups per the chart below. The chart is only a guide; always adjust feeding recommendations based on careful monitoring of the weight of the patient.