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Halloween Tips for Dog Owners

Tips for how to keep your pup cool, calm, and collected this Halloween season.

Scary as it is (and as some of these facts are) Halloween can be frightful for dogs as well. Here are a few tips for the you to keep the canine members of your family safe for the holiday.


Candy (and their wrappers) can be especially harmful to dogs. If ingested, the wrappers can cause intestinal obstruction.

Chocolate in all forms, especially dark and baking chocolate, is very dangerous to dogs. Sugar-free candy that contains xylitol can cause a radical drop in blood pressure, liver damage, and death.

Raisins and grapes can be eaten by some dogs without any problems but for others, it can cause kidney failure and even death.

Macadamia nuts are not often in Halloween candy but if consumed they can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hind-leg weakness, and temporary paralysis.


Jack-O-Lanterns and Other Decorations

Decorations like jack-o-lanterns and candles can be easily knocked over and your dog’s fur can be easily caught on fire.

Cover all electrical wiring. Dogs can be tempted to chew on them or become entangled.

Home-made decorations often use polyurethane glue. Once ingested, it will absorb moisture and will swell into a large rock-like mass. It can only be removed by surgery.

Orange streamers are highly toxic and balloons, as well as other party favors, can block the digestive tract if swallowed.

Keep Your Dogs Inside

With loud, constant knocks and the door opening and closing. Streams of strangers in costumes. dogs can become scared and confused. Some may want to escape through the open door while others may cower in the corner. Make sure to have I.D. tags on at all times.

Doggie Costumes

Dogs do not always like to be dressed up. If you do put on a costume, be sure that it is not constrictive or dangerous in any way. Look for loose or dangling pieces that could be chewed and swallowed. Dogs may also become agitated if their sight is restricted which could lead to ‘snapping’.

JFFD Recommendations

Take your dog for a long walk or run an hour or so before trick-or-treating starts. Give JFFD CALM to ‘take the edge off’.

Reward good behavior with JFFD Pumpkin Treats or Beef Liver Treat

Always have on speed dial your veterinarian’s phone number and ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 888-426-4435