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Chicken Apple Bark

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  • USDA Certified and Approved Chicken Breast
  • Handmade in Our Southern California Kitchen


Introducing the greatest dog treat ever! And for good reason! Simple, healthy and incredibly delicious (not to mention affordable), our Chicken Apple Bark is made from restaurant grade chicken breast certified for human consumption by the USDA, apples from Washington, potato starch, and mint and parsley grown in the USA. Both herbs are rich in chlorophyll, which is believed to have anti-bacterial properties that may help fight the bacteria that cause bad breath. Mint and parsley can act as deodorizers when chewed or swollowed, and mint has a reputation for easing indigestion in people and for leaving its signature minty-fresh taste behind. And of course all of this prepared and baked by hand in small batches in our own Southern California kitchens.

• No preservatives
• No artificial coloring
• No artificial anything
• All of our packaging is BPA free

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Treat Apple Ingredient

• USDA Certified and Approved Chicken Breast
• Potato Starch
• Apples
• Mint
• Parsley

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