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Whole food, human-grade ingredients gently cooked in batches for superior nutrient absorption.
As the #1 vet recommended fresh food, our vet-developed recipes support specific health needs.
Proven to be more digestible and promote immune system health through extensive research.
More affordable than our peers, thanks to our mission-based pricing approach.
our pantry-friendly recipes are the gear you need for your and your pup’s next summer adventure
Packable, lip-smackable fresh food.

You can still feed fresh without a freezer. Made with 100% human-grade ingredients and absolutely zero preservatives, our pantry-friendly recipes are the gear you forgot you need for your and your pup’s next summer adventure.

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Real Transformations from Real Pet Parents

"Having the support from our vet and knowing the rate Wolfgang was losing weight was great and gave us the encouragement to keep going. It's fun and exciting when you start seeing transformations like this."

Erin M. and Chad S | Wolfgang's Parents


Wolfgang, Age 10

"At his heaviest, Bear was 170 lbs. I tried everything from diet kibble to prescription kibble food diet to help him lose weight, but it just left Bear feeling hungry and barely losing anything. I started him on the Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni Recipe, and it didn't take long for Bear to start losing weight."

Lindsay T. | Bear's Mom

"Lady battled with Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). JustFoodForDogs has been a complete game-changer for her. We thought we were going to lose her and now she's better than ever, all because we're feeding her real food."

Millie A. | Lady's Mom

lady the dog with a big smile on her face

Lady, Age 5

"Since he was a puppy, Baloo suffered from loose stools, lameness, and anxiety, and he could not gain weight. When he was a year and a half, we moved him exclusively to JustFoodForDogs and now he's a happy and healthy 72 lb boy!"

Nicole B. | Baloo's Mom

baloo the dog with a big smile on his face

Baloo, Age 5

"Bruno has suffered from skin allergies for much of his 10 years. After switching his diet, we noticed a difference immediately. In a couple of weeks, his skin cleared up and his hair was growing back. JustFoodForDogs gave us our dog back. We believe that it literally saved his life."

Richard H. | Bruno's Dad

bruno the dog sunbathing in the grass

Bruno, Age 10

a customer holding her small dog while getting a product consultation by a Nutrition Consultant inside of Just Food For Dogs costa mesa kitchen
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A big silly dog laying on his back with his tongue sticking out

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